In today’s continually merging economy, business etiquette skills are becoming more important for professionals who seek to grow profits.  Partnership is the buzz word.  So, in order to build beneficial partnerships, international consultants need etiquette skills! Traditional corporations are starting to understand the value in networking and other techniques that was once thought of as useless soft skills.  Social media has become more widely adopted within emerging economies, partially because it has become more user-friendly and affordable to do so.

Some of the barriers that once prevented soft skills from being adopted were education gaps in correct data used to analyze profit centers, difficult channels to develop these skills, and the complex-deep understanding required to translate networking, etiquette, partnerships, and other business skills into profits.  With new technological advances people can begin to analyze and track the real results of proper etiquette.  Furthermore, over the past decade new training systems and education has emerged that better explains the science behind these skills and how it translates into profits.

What does it really mean for those international consultants that need etiquette skills?  Proper cultural manners is just half the battle.  It is important for international business consultants to learn how to effectively use proper business etiquette to identify useful resources and effectively communicate them to other business associates.

Identifying people as assets and their unique advantages to yourself and business partners is a fairly new concept that has not caught fire yet.  Early adopters to this new type of skill will start to see new opportunities emerge as the need for additional resources advance.