Is protecting your financial security important to you? Let us apply our expertise and independence to negotiate the best insurance coverage and premiums for you, your business and your family.

We are independent advocates offering strategic insurance advice, risk and claims management, and the lowest premiums for appropriate coverage on business insurance, employee benefits, life insurance, health insurance and personal insurance. Because we negotiate with over 100 insurance companies, more than most agents or brokers, we are able to provide you with the right coverage at the right price. With Marketium Insurance Services, you’ll enjoy convenience and cost savings and avoid dangerous gaps in your insurance coverage.

Marketium Insurance Services provide insurance, risk management and claims administration services for clients in Texas. Our goal is to provide excellence in customer service. We invite you to contact us to allow us to assist you with your insurance needs.



A Notary Public is a public servant with statewide jurisdiction – authorized to take acknowledgments, protest instruments permitted by law to be protested, administer oaths, take depositions, and certify copies of documents not recordable in the public records.

As an officer of the State of Texas, the primary duty of a Notary Public is to show a disinterested party (the Notary Public) has admonished the signer of an instrument as to the importance of such document, and the signer of such document has declared that his/her identity, his/her signature and his/her reasons for signing such instrument are genuine.  The signature and seal of a Notary Public do not prove these facts conclusively, but do provide prima facie proof of them, and allow persons in trade and commerce to rely upon the truth and veracity of the Notary Public as a third party who has no personal interest in the transaction.

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We are the Defensive Driving School, a licensed course provider in the State of Texas for the Driver Improvement Course (Defensive Driving).


What is a defensive driving course?

It is a six (6) hour course designed to be highly interactive in order to help you become a better driver. It can be taken for the following reasons:

1. To dismiss a traffic ticket.

2. To obtain a discount on insurance coverage. (10% for three years)

3. For both of the above conjointly.

4. To learn driving safety.

5. For first time drivers to learn driving safety.

6. For out-of-state drivers to become acquainted with Texas laws.


What is a course provider?

A course provider is the entity recognized and licensed by the State to develop a Course.


Defensive Driving Classroom Schedule:

* Spanish class taught on Tuesday and Thursday, from 6 pm to 9 pm, and Saturday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

No appointment needed, classes are never cancelled! 


Quarterly and Annual Reporting

Let us take the guesswork out of the prep work for your CPA!  We can assist with design, generation and reconciliation for tax, payroll, and operational reporting.

CPA/Audit Preparation

Need help exporting and preparing your QuickBooks data for CPA review?  Marketium can help you do this cost effectively!

Bank System Integration

Want to use the online bank integration features included with QuickBooks?  We can configure those features to help simplify processes and reduce costs.


Full-service, a la carte, system set up – Marketium provides outsourced bookkeeping services customized for your business.  You choose which tasks you want us to do and which tasks you want to keep internally.

QuickBooks installation

Let’s face it, accounting is a chore. Want to be more efficient at it so you can spend more time on the important stuff?  Let one of our workflow experts analyze your operation and help you tighten up your processes.

Merchant Services

Intuit’s Merchant Services module is the only terminal software that integrates with and is especially designed for QuickBooks.


Skip the hassle!  We set everything up, process all facets of payroll including taxes and state reporting, and even handle year end (W2’s, 1099s, etc.)!

Custom Reports                                                                                

Make intelligent business decisions. In addition to the standard financial reports, we can create customized reports to show you, who your most profitable clients are, who your most productive staff members are trend, forecasting, and much more.

QuickBooks is the number one bookkeeping software used by Houston small businesses. Marketium has the skills and knowledge to install, setup, train, and support our QuickBooks clients. We teach QuickBooks to small business owners and individuals by offering one-on-one customized private lessons, classes, instruction, tutoring and training. Learn how to effectively use QuickBooks and how to properly set up your financial records.

Take advantage of Marketium