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When you run a business, you need to focus on your core activities. We doubt you want to spend hours grappling with receipt processing, bank reconciliation or a hundred other bookkeeping tasks or worrying if your current bookkeeper or books. With Bookkeeping you won’t have to. The management and updating of your books is placed in expert hands, allowing you to get on with other important jobs. This is a tried and tested service already used by a number businesses. A perfect combination of unique processes and cutting edge technology enable us to undertake outsourced bookkeeping activities for Medium Business Enterprises.

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Trial Balance sheet preparation
  • Financial Statement preparation
  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Payroll processing

We are totally committed to a personalized approach in assisting to customers. We operate your back office for your small business accounting and bookkeeping service’s needs. We work with customized applications and web based bookkeeping software depending on the financial data given to us by clients.

Here’s what you get when you use our outsourced bookkeeping services…

A tailored system developed and run by expert bookkeeper practitioners and financial managers

Meticulously prepared Audit Ready books that will always be auditor friendly

An up-to-the-minute view of where you stand with cash flow and receivables
Tax-ready accounts that mean your monthly or quarterly returns can be completed on time, every time and with the minimum of fuss

Peace of mind that comes from knowing a vital part of your business is managed by highly trained professionals

Optional online access to your QuickBooks data from our servers 24/7

Marketium to the rescue

When you run a small or medium sized business, it’s easy to overlook certain administrative chores. Very soon you can find your books are in less than perfect shape, perhaps delaying the filing of your accounts and certainly not up to audit standards.
If necessary, we can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to minimize, or even eliminate, possible tax penalties. Once we’ve tidied things up, we can then take over the running of your books, to ensure problems like that never happen again.

Remote Bookkeeping Service

Remote Access to Your QuickBooks files on the Go!


Our new Remote Bookkeeping offering adding a unique dimension to our local Bookkeeping by removing barriers to QuickBooks access and facilitating you and your Marketium team to collaborate closer on financial business data in real time wherever you are in the country.

Key Features

• No Duplication, work on or view the same data as your Bookkeeper

• Secure access from most Internet connections 24/7

• Dedicated Custom Desktop for each client

• Provides Enhanced Collaboration

• Compatible with QuickBooks, Sage and other software

• Marketium owned and managed servers

• Sharing of files, data and reports made easy

• Supports Windows 7 and XP PC’s as well as Ipad and Android Tablets. Requires Internet Connection

You will have your own desktop and share it with your assigned bookkeeping and financial team, being able to access the same QuickBooks file and share the files you need to share without the need to email. The system also allows you to print to your local printers or here at our office.

Using Remote Bookkeeping brings the value of Simply-Bookkeeping services to your desktop no matter where you are in the country. We can now be your Texas bookkeepers even if you are not located in Houston or even Texas with one click of the mouse.

Bank Reconciliation to avoid discrepancies

Businesses make deposits and receive numerous receipts from their clients on a regular basis. Bank reconciliation is a highly complicated and time consuming process. Reconciling your bank account statement is an absolute necessity even if it is a costly and time consuming task. We can help you to resolve discrepancies in your bank statement by performing complicated processes such as sorting various transactions by type or date, deducting errors or by adding deposits in transit.

Why bank account reconciliation?

It makes important updates to general ledger and receives timely entries from the other applications

Provides the ability to eliminate bank statement errors

Enables to control cash flow with the void checks and stop payments function

Verifies the amount of cash in your account

It uncover irregularities

We know the importance of the security of data provided by clients and has implemented several security procedures to protect it. Our servers are highly secured, firewall protected and well monitored round the clock by experts who prevents unauthorized access to our network and systems. We provides a wide variety of reports reflecting debit and credit card reconciliation activity, and exceptions that have occurred on the account.

Our sophisticated tools will make the bank reconciliation process more accurate. By managing your bank reconciliation tasks in a professional and cost-effective manner, we serve as an extension of your small business accounting. You can outsource all your bank reconciliation requirements including excel bank reconciliation to us. Each professional is assigned to only a single client, this helps them in developing specific knowledge required for that particular client.

Our bank reconciliation service is most beneficial for organizations that do numerous financial transactions. We employ unique and proven methods, cutting edge bank reconciliation software and experienced professionals to provide you with world class bank reconciliation solution. We offer you the flexibility to outsource some individual functions or to outsource the entire internal accounting and bookkeeping functions to us.


 General Ledger for Small Business Accounting

Our general ledger maintenance and reconciliation help organizations to focus on the core functions. By utilizing a wide range of general ledger software and applications, we can assist you in your accounting general ledger needs.

We deliver high quality results at an affordable price. Our general ledger accounting and reconciliation includes…

  • Adjust for prepayments and accruals
  • Process asset purchase, disposal and depreciation journals
  • Process stock movement and adjustment journals
  • Process payroll journals
  • Process lease, purchase, loan and dividend journals
  • Review all general ledger accounts and correct any posting errors
  • Reconcile all balance sheet control accounts

Provide copies of all journal entries made together with a detailed narrative of why the adjustment was made

We provide you the flexibility to outsource your accounting department to us or get assistance in a specific area like general ledger accounting and reconciliation. Our bookkeepers and accountants can assist you in various functions associated with your bookkeeping needs. General ledger accounting and reconciliation benefits…

  • Generates the information required to manage your business
  • Enables lenders and investors to see accurate and complete books
  • Provides an accurate picture of your organization’s income
  • Eliminates the possibility of being exposed to fines and penalties

Business transactions are to be properly classified into appropriate accounting heads as per the prescribed accounting standards and the applicable legal provisions. We can help you to record and analyze financial data and prepare financial statements and reports.

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