Marketium Payroll Solutions


Marketium provides flexible payroll services that improve payroll management for employers of small, medium, or large businesses. Marketium payroll solutions streamline your payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration. We manage the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing and employee payroll tax filing so you can focus on running your business. Marketium payroll solutions ensure that your payroll needs are met on time, every time.

Payroll Processing Choices to Fit Your Unique Business

Marketium offers a comprehensive set of payroll-related services. You can choose to purchase payroll services a-la-carte according to your needs or you can take advantage of the synergies of working with a single-source provider for all of your Human Resource, payroll and employee benefits needs.


Multiple Payroll Input Options


At Marketium we know that no one solution is right for everyone. This is why we provide you with a range of payroll input options. Whether you prefer to call in your payroll to our specialists, enter the data online with an internet-based solution or use a standalone personal computer, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure.


A Variety of Payroll Payment Options

Marketium offers a variety of employee payroll payment solutions. When you use Marketium for payroll processing, you can receive professionally printed checks, or choose one of our employee payment solutions.

The employee payment solutions provide cost-savings, security and the comfort of knowing your employees have a payroll payment choice that is best suited to them. These payroll payment services can be purchased a-la-carte, or bundled together to fit your unique business needs. With easy integration with payroll, you can maximize your time and money savings.

This is our outsourced payroll system that removes the administrative burden you face, as an employer, every time you pay your staff.

Managing a payroll even a small business payroll is no trivial task. During each payment cycle you are under pressure to ensure…

Wages and salaries are processed on time

There are no underpayments or overpayments

Tax, Medicare and 401k deductions are accurately calculated

Overtime earnings, pay raises and bonuses are correctly included

Items like loan repayments or charitable donations are properly taken into account

All details are clearly presented on each employee pay slip.

Our system is designed to handle these tasks quickly and effectively, eliminating the kind of payroll problems that can lead to an unhappy workforce.


Beyond payroll bureau services

With so many factors affecting your employee’s pay slips, it can be hard for you to keep up-to-date with them all. So we do that for you.

Besides providing high quality payroll processing, we offer expert guidance on tax and employment legislation. We stay abreast of current developments and alert you to changes that might affect you or your colleagues.

What we offer goes well beyond the services of a traditional payroll bureau. While they simply process wages and salaries, we oversee your entire payroll operation. In practice, that means we act like an in-house payroll department. We identify potential difficulties and sort them out before each pay run, to ensure a professional business payroll service is maintained at all times.

Why use MARKETIUM Payroll?

As a firm of Professional Business Managers, we have considerable experience of providing managed payroll services to small and mid-sized businesses.

Our Payroll Services are a proven outsourcing solution already used by a range of businesses. By choosing us as your outsourcing partner you can be confident you are placing your payroll in safe and highly trained hands.
At a stroke, you will be releasing yourself from a time consuming and often stressful chore. In addition you will be reinforcing your image as a responsible and caring employer.

In many ways your success depends on the motivation of your workforce. By using an efficient and reliable system to pay your employees, you are sending them a positive message about your company and demonstrating how much you value their contribution.


Small Business Human Resource Management

Your employees’ talents and skills drive your business success. And in smaller businesses, the hiring decisions you make can have a much bigger impact on your overall business health.


Marketium HR Help Desk – Call or email a team of certified HR professionals whenever you have questions about state or federal laws, employee relations or another HR matter. Our professionals will provide you with best-practice consultation to help you make informed, compliant decisions.

Employee screening and selection – Make people selection easier and reduce hiring risks with background screening services. Focus on the process for sourcing, hiring, developing and retaining your company’s human capital.


Marketium HR Outsourcing

Marketium offers a HR Outsourcing solution called Marketium Administrative Service (MAS). This form of HR

Outsourcing provides for the outsourcing of human resources administration, payroll and tax administration, and risk and safety management tasks but does not create a co-employment relationship.

Take advantage of Marketium